White On White - Floral painting by Jerry Markham

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Painting Details

White On White
20×18 – Oil


Received Best Floral award in the Oct/Nov PleinAir Salon competition – see article & award winners

Painting white on white is something I often ask students to do because it’s great practice for learning to enhance vision of subtle color and temperature. This inspired me to give it a go myself as I had not done it in quite some time.  In my studio I set up an old jug with aged character and white flowers against a simple white sheet.  Starting thin and wet, I went about building what I saw, adding thicker paint as I went and focusing on the edges.  Entrigued by the jug’s chipped and rusted bits I spent most of my time there, wiping out some of the thick paint and again dealing with edges.  When I thought it looked cool – I quit.